Quantum offers a full range of interpreting services in more than 150 languages. We have built our reputation on the ability to fulfill a variety of requests every day.

Quantum provides superior language specialists to a wide spectrum of clients. These include the federal government; state and municipal agencies; courts and law firms; immigration, travel and tourism organizations; national and international corporations. In addition, Quantum serves hospitals; psychiatric and psychological treatment centers; insurance and health management organizations; pharmaceutical firms; banking and finance firms; advertising and marketing agencies; technology and engineering companies; nonprofit organizations; and schools and colleges.

In-Person Interpretation

Give Quantum a call and we will be there for you.
At Quantum we ensure quick access to our interpreter services with our 24-hour-on call service. Whether it is an emergency hospital room situation or a legal proceeding that requires immediate language services, Quantum interpreters are able to arrive within minutes to your location.

Medical Interpretation
Quantum medical interpreters meet the Joint Commission standards. All Quantum medical interpreters meet the following requirements:
Successful completion of the 40 hour medical interpretation course Bridging the Gap (BTG)
Higher degree from their country of origin or equivalent   Pass drug screening test
Pass language proficiency test or equivalent   Receive HIPPA Training
Pass state and federal background checks   Current immunizations
Legal Interpretation
Quantum legal interpreters are highly skilled professionals experienced in legal interpreting in a variety of court settings from municipal to federal.
Quantum has PA and NJ court certified and registered interpreters
Simultaneous Conference Interpretation
Quantum has years of experience in organizing interpretation services for conference settings. Simply contact our office and we will arrange all the details from providing experienced simultaneous interpreters to state-of-the art wireless interpretation equipment.

Quality Assurance Program

Quantum believes in the importance of quality assurance and works with an extremely qualified professional to monitor the performance of Quantum's interpreters.

Quality Assurance Consultant, Rita Weil, who has a PhD in Counseling, is a certified BTG trainer with over eight years of interpretation experience and is a Vice Chair Board Member of the National Board of Certification of Medical Interpreters. As part of the quality assurance program Quantum routinely performs random quality assurance checks on interpreter performance.