Why Quantum, Inc?

Founded in 1991, Quantum, Inc. is a premier provider of multi-lingual language services, providing high quality, effective language services for persons of limited English proficiency (LEP) and the deaf and hard of hearing communities. Specializing in creating language service solutions with its clients through partnership, service excellence and innovation in language program development, Quantum, Inc. guides its clients in the design of adaptive organizational models that align with clients' clinical and financial priorities.

A comprehensive provider of language services, Quantum supports the individual needs of its clients. For nearly 20 years, Quantum has a demonstrated record of exceptional language services in more than 150 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These services provide the highest quality performance, affordability, and superior customer service. Through constant training, innovation and cutting-edge technology and data management systems, Quantum has continued to serve over 1,000 client companies in a wide range of industries.

Quantum Provides Quality Service at a Competitive Price

Quantum has the ability to provide language services in over 150 languages for in-person interpretation, telephonic interpretation, and written document translations.
Quantum interpreters are highly skilled professionals. Most of our language specialists have four-year advanced college degrees and are native speakers of the languages. Numbered among our language specialists are physicians, nurses, attorneys, engineers, pharmacists, scientists, teachers, university professors, and executives. All have at least two years of professional interpretation and translation experience.
Quantum medical interpreters meet Joint Commission standards
Quantum has a quality assurance program in place to ensure our clients are receiving the highest level of service. As part of the quality assurance program Quantum routinely performs random quality assurance checks on interpreter performance.
Quantum has live operators staffed at our office 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can always reach a live operator to schedule requests even after normal business hours at no extra charge.
Quantum has an online scheduling program for our clients that is easy to use and greatly increases the efficiency of scheduling interpreters and tracking requests.
Quantum's scheduling staff is knowledgeable, efficient, and customer service oriented. All of the scheduling staff have university degrees in language related fields, hold a Medical Interpreter Training Certificate and are bilingual.
Quantum is certified by the State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia as a Woman/Minority Business Enterprise.